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Warranty Terms and Conditions Carplounge Tackle

1. General

a) We grant our customers a manufacturer's warranty on bait boats manufactured by us. Only ultimate consumers are considered customers according to our warranty terms and conditions. A consumer is a natural person who enters into a legally binding contract for purposes that are predominantly not considered commercially motivated nor related to their own self-employment activities.

b) All our customer's other legal rights (e.g. warranty rights) exist alongside our warranty and are not affected by it in any way.

c)  At the time of purchase, you have the option to obtain an additional warranty. If the customer wishes to acquire an additional warranty, it can be specified during the ordering process. The purchase of the additional warranty will then be accounted for on the invoice.

2. Warranter is:

Carplounge Tackle
Alexander Radmacher
Medienstr. 6
47807 Krefeld
DE - Germany

3. Warranty Period

The warranty period comprises of 36 months and starts with the day of delivery of the boat to the customer. The boat is considered delivered no later than three work days after handover to the delivering company unless the customer is able to prove its delayed delivery.

4. Warranty Scope

We warrant the boat hull and electronic to be free from defects in workmanship, material and construction.

5. Limitations of Liability

a) The warranty only applies to first customers and is non-transferable. The first customer is the customer as per 1 a) who acquired the boat first as an end consumer. The warranty terminates the moment that the boat ownership is transferred from the initial end consumer to a third person. The statuary warranty is of course unaffected by that.

b) Excluded from our additional warranty are all components provided by our supplier, in particular

  • echo sounder
  • tablets
  • remote controls
  • GPS systems
  • bags
  • antennas
  • charging devices
  • voltage converters

c) The warranty does not cover intentionally caused damage, usual wear, improper use nor parts and components subject to wear and tear, e.g. batteries.

d) Please ensure to make yourself familiar with the information provided in our user manual. We assume you to be familiar with all information concerning the use of the delivered components.

6. Premature Warranty Expiration

The warranty terminates early in case:

a) the boat is subject to modifications and/or repair attempts without our written consent. This includes the single-handed insertion of components and/ or Plugs/Connectors, refurbishments or opening the boat.

b) batteries and/or charging devices not distributed by us or otherwise authorised are being used.

c) defects and malfunctions are caused by improper use or lack of maintenance. The user manual delivered with the boat has to be kept in mind and followed!

d) the boat is not stored according to the following storage directions:

Next to water: The boat including all components like batteries, remote controls and monitors have to be stored in a dry place or be protected from humidity by suitable bags respectively. A humid environment - e.g. in a tent or on wet grass during the night without protection - is unsuitable for the boat!

At home or during a phase of disuse (> 2h) the batteries have to be taken out of the boat; the boat has to be kept in a dry and not too cold environment. The battery cover has to be taken off and the bag needs to be wide open to ensure that the remaining moisture can escape. Ideally the boat is taken out of the bag. In case these storage directions are disregarded, the warranty terminates and no warranty claims can be made.

e) Boat damages that occur due to force majeure or natural disasters.

7. Assertion

a) We strongly recommend you to clarify whether you can enforce warranty rights before shipping your boat to us since we offer a free shipment service throughout Europe as part of our warranty. Therefore, we will choose to either send you a return slip or arrange pick up for your boat. Free Pickup/Retour/shipment is not available for countries outside the European Union nor for islands (except Great Britain). In this case, the customer has to pay for shipment. Please make sure to find out which components we need. If multiple shipments are required and no consultation had taken place before we will not cover the additional costs.

b) The customer is to attach the invoice, the customers address data (address, if different from the billing address, phone number, fax and e-mail, if applicable) and a description of the defects. In particular, the customer has to inform us of when and under which circumstances a defect occurred.

c) In a warranty case we will choose to fix the defect, replace the boat or refund the purchase price. We cover potential shipment costs.

d) If we are dealing with a damage not covered by the warranty, we will inform the customer and provide a quote for the repair costs if applicable. It is our right to charge for the provided service as part of the examination. This may also include the subsequent invoicing for shipment costs already paid by us as part of our Europe-wide shipment service.

8. Final Provisions

a) This warranty is subject to German law only.

b) Place of performance of our contractual warranty obligations is our principal office in 47807 Krefeld, Medienstr. 6.


As of January 2021

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