The heads of Fox int. und Korda Developments

'' Auch die Chefetagen von Fox int. und Korda setzten auf das RT4 Baitboat mit Raymarine Autopilot und 3D Mapping ''

Danny Fairbrass - Ali Hamidi - Darrell Peck - Shaun McSpadden

Fox int. Manager Shaun McSpadden: “Very impressed by the professional production and the customer care, that’s where they are already known for.”

Korda’ Darrell Peck: “fully loaded with raymarine echo and autopilot – top bit of tech!

Korda’ Ali Hamidi: “The RT4- There is nothing better on the Planet – it really is! #germanengineering!”

Korda’ Danny Fairbrass: “the detailed mapping of lakes beds and marking of spots is incredible. What a bit of kit these products are!

Watch the Video:

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