Customer Service

   Improved customer service

Due to the rising number of orders we have improved our customer service for you. If you have any questions about products you already purchased or about the current status of your order you can contact our after sales manager Daniel Radmacher via email or via phone 0049 2154 88 482-00.
Usually all inquiries are answered within 24 hours in order to offer you our help and advice also after the purchase.

   Carplounge Service – now with 7 full time employees!

Due to the steadily increasing number of orders, we have extended our service for you.

Within the last couple of years our production has nearly doubled every year. This year we celebrated our ten-year anniversary and within those ten years we have built more than 9000 bait boats following individual orders and shipped them worldwide! Currently our technicians produce around 250-280 RT4 per month.

During the last couple of years especially at busy times like during the holiday season, it happened that the handling time for the service was quite long since the service department consisted of only two employees until early this year. 

It is very important to us to offer first class service besides first class products. Thus, we extended our service department this year using some of our most experienced technicians and trained model making experts so that it consists of 7(!) full time employees now.

Our service department mainly works on retrofits for customer boats. Ever month they retrofit for example 60-80 RT4 boats with the autopilot system and retrospectively put in bait spirals for 100-120 customer RT4 boats. 

Besides the upgrades, our service employees also make sure to provide fast help concerning questions, malfunctions or defect if they should arise.

Concerning this, please contact us via phone. Our employees are usually able to solve around 90% of problems/defects on the phone with you so that the product doesn’t have to be sent in. 

Besides that, our customers also use our upgrade service frequently: Our customers have the opportunity to bring their older bait boats up to date with the latest remotes, current engines or echo sounders.  

   Europe wide pick-upservice. 

Should your Carplounge product have a defect and we are not able to help you via phone, we organise a free of charge, Europe wide pick-up of the package at our customer’s preferred address during the time of the warranty. 

This pick-up service can be booked at an inexpensive price even after the warranty expired. 

   Handling time

Our new, highly modern service EDP-system has been supporting our employees on their quest for an even more efficient handling of all products sent in for service. 

Thanks to this optimization and the additional employees we have already been able to reduce our average handling time from 20-30 days to now 5-10 days. 

We will reach our own target of 3-6 handling days within the next couple of weeks because we want to stand out against our competitors here as well! 

As with the new boat production, individual tasks will be handled by specialists with many years of experience and the boats will be test-driven intensively on the lake afterwards. 

   Intensive function test

In general, all our boats are tested extensively on the lake before shipping it to our customers. Following a 80 points inspection plan, we test all functions on our test track on our test lake. 

You would like to see our products live?
We’re happy to show you our in-house production and take you to see a test-drive on the lake. 

If you have ordered a boat, we gladly offer you a free of charge briefing at the lake. Our technicians will then explain all your boat’s functions to you in detail.

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Due to the rising number of orders we have improved our customer service for you. If you have any questions about products you already purchased or about the current status of your order you can cont...
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