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     new 1400m² Carplounge Headoffice!

++++ From Tuesday 29. Sept. our office in Willich will be closed!
Our brandnew Headquater in Krefeld (Germany) will open October 12. 2020!

*The move was already planned and prepared by the production and shipment departments, only in exceptional cases a delay could can happen.

➡️ time for the next level!

The first part of our 1400m² head office is finished! We are looking forward to setting up our optimized 950m² production area in the next days. The second part of the new building will be finished by the end of October, where our extended development department can even work more efficiently.

| As the worldwide market leader in high-end baitboat and ROV systems for the industry, Carplounge has grown so fast that we have reached our limits in our production facility in Willich.

In 2020, we welcomed over 12 new employees and now have 40 employees in the meantime. It became clear that 650m² was insufficient to meet the growing demand.

After a long search, we were finally able to start halfway through 2020: On 2,500 m² of land, a completely new company building is under construction, and we were able to fully adapt it to our needs in terms of materials and workflow during the planning phase.

With the new building, all departments, but especially the administration, production, service development and dispatch were optimised in such a way that there are no more bottlenecks and sufficient capacity is available, also for the further expansion of the company.

Our new building at Medientrasse 6 in 47807 Krefeld is just 10 minutes away from our old address in Willich and is directly connected to the A44 motorway. In addition, our test lake is just 1 minute away and can be reached even faster by our customers for test drives, demonstrations, training courses etc.

As soon as the Covid-19 situation allows it, we will officially open our new building and invite you for an open day!





Carplounge Office UK- open 2020 in the Essex region! With already more than 6000 UK based customers, we are already UK registered for years, but now its time for the next big step to meet the growing demand for our high-end products:

To be even closer to our English customers, we are opening a Carplounge Sales & Service Point in Great Britain in 2020.

Here we are happy to advise you on the selection of our products, offer test drives at the nearby test lake, offer individual & group training and in addition, we can carry out repairs and upgrades directly on site with an experienced carplounge service technician.

Of course, all warranty services for previously purchased Carplounge products can also be handled by Carplounge UK ltd. Further we will always have the latest models and accessories for demonstration in our showroom and all accessories and spare parts in stock for pick-up or fast national shipping.

// stay up to date: We are already looking forward to this step and will keep you up to date by email. Just register here and don't miss any news about our UK expansion:


 Raymarine & Carplounge Cooperation! it's official!

  // Thomas Hilpert - Raymarine Germany:
 "...We are looking forward to working even more closely with Carplounge in the future and for further developing our wireless echosounders for the demanding anglers and industrial customers. The Carplounge development department has developed the RT4 Raymarine autopilot boat into an international uncompetitive product in recent years - Together we can now work even more effectively on the next generation of echosounders and into further updates of current Raymarine devices for the carplounge Boats!

 Alan Blairs RT4 // Nash Airbrush Design!

Nash Mananger - Alan Blair is not really a big baitboat fan: "No question - a Baitboat has its advantages: The exact placement of rigs and bait in hard-to-reach areas, at night or over long distances makes fishing more effective.

So far I was more frustrated when I had to use a Baitboat: something was broken, the batteries were empty too fast or the wireless echo sounder image is just not enough to find the good spots. After trying out a few different Baitboats - and none of them was reliable - I lost interest in the topic.

I have been able to observe Carplounge and the rapid growth of the company over the last few years at the big trade fairs: The Carplounge boats are simply a class of their own due to the constant further development!

Last but not least my Nash Team colleagues like Steve Briggs, Olaf Barz, Marc Voosen and Rene Breitenstein, who have been using the RT4 boats for more than 6 years, but then moved me to buy my own Baitboat again - but this time the right one.

At the Carp Zwolle fair at the beginning of 2019 I took the opportunity and was advised by Alex and his team. I am especially impressed by the individualization possibilities. Besides the hardware selection (engines, echo sounder, GPS, autopilot...) the Carplounge Design Team also built the boat optically according to my wishes: 

 Airbrush individual Design: Nash Camo + Dark Matt Lack + Blackline + Nash Logo

.....WOW WOW WOW – it looks SiCk Bro X!!!

End of April I will go away with the lads and film the ‘Social Three’ – I am certain that I will be able to utilise my new RT4 within my angling and of course the film"   Alan Blair - Nash Tackle & Baits Manager // UK


 Ali Hamidi @ Lac de Cassien -
         #MonsterCarp - with "Jürgen" - the RT4 Baitboat!

"...thanks to Jurgen, my dream of catching a cassien carp came true yesterday morning!"

Its been just over a week since we returned from the mighty Saint Cassien filming for the up & coming series of @kordaofficial #monstercarp.

I had my RT4 with me again: ...creating a quick 3D depthmap in the morning, view the best spots with the Dragonfly Echo and select them.... and then place the rigs and baits exactly... a tactic that works even on the most extreme waters!

I was lucky to realise my dream of banking a Cassien carp on the most incredible morning on a spot that I would never have found with a Spodrod. I really couldn’t have painted a better picture of what the scene would look like for my first carp from this historic lake! I was ecstatic as I glanced into the net to see the tank like shoulders of a 40lb+ Common carp.

The longer you fish, the more you achieve, the harder it becomes to recapture the emotion you felt in your early childhood years, it isn’t just the capture itself that evokes that elation, it’s every step of the challenge leading to the ultimate result...

We can’t wait for you to watch the show. Series 4 arrives to ITV4 in July 
-with some great Shots of Jürgen - my RT4 Baitboat!
❤️  " Ali Hamidi #Korda

 RT4 special @ Korda Masterclass 6 [+video+]
Ali Hamidi
 demonstrates the use of his RT4 baitboat and explains the benefits of the carplounge autopilot system in conjunction with the high-resolution Raymarine Dragonflycolor-echosounder. Baitspirals / Baitscrews - Ali's tactic and rig to selective fishing. 3D mapping - so easy to generate 3D underwater maps live for an accurate overview of the soil structure. [+video+]

" Watch this chapter to see the exact methods, including some new age tech, that Ali is 100% certain will help ANY angler enjoy more success on the bank and see their catch rate increase with ease! "



// 🔥 NEW Frank Warwick I RT4: 

Frank Warwick & Baitboat? Longrange specialist Frank picked up his RT4 Baitboat at the BigOne Carp show and tells us in an interview why he chose the RT4.

" ...the big Question... as a well known long distance accurate caster... why you moving over to a Baitboat?

*Interview with Gerry Heaps and Frank Warwick *

 Pontyshow - Carp Hungary: RT4 - Best Baitboat Award!

We are proud to announce that our RT4 has won the award: Best Baitboat International
by a considerable distance from its competitors!
The Carp Ponty Show in Hungary is one of the most important carp shows in Central and Eastern Europe. We are very happy about the recognition of our work.

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Ed Skillz - RT4 - 4 years in action :) 

"I have been using carplounge RT4 over the last few years and i am still very impressed.

The solid build RT4 endured my adventures on rivers, canals, lakes and even survived being challenged by big tankers on the waterways!

It’s still here and has made it easier for me reaching those spots that are  hard to cast to or needed the accurate precision of the RT4 in combination with its Echo and GPS!

I am happy to share my experience on fishing with my RT4!" -Ed Skillz //CEO CarpCrossing
Ian Russell - Neon - Blackline Update!
#custom #airbrush for Avid Manager Ian Russell. Ian has been using his RT4 for more than 5 years - Now he has decided to auverhole the look of his Boat - and choosed the new  #NeonDesign in #Blackline - a cool & high visable Design that is sure to catch the eye even on the biggest distances

🔥 The heads of Fox int. and Korda Developments:
     // in action with their RT4 Raymarine Autopilot Set with 3D Mapping.

"Very impressed by the professional production and the customer care, thats where they are already known for."
 Korda' Darrell Peck: "fully loaded with raymarine echo and autopilot - top bit of tech!
 Korda' Ali Hamidi: "The RT4- There is nothing better on the Planet #germanengineering - it realy is!"
 Korda' Danny Fairbrass: "the detailed mapping of lakes beds and marking of spots is incredible. What a bit of kit these products are!"
🔥 Ali Hamidi - RT4 in detail *5min. Fullversion*

➡️ We are back from our recent trip to London where we met with carpfishing icon Ali Hamidi from Korda! 

We took the chance to film an interesting video in which Ali Hamidi points out his opinion about using a Baitboat in mondern day carp angling!       
 [+]RT4 Autopilot Raymarine Set

🔥 Korda Boss Danny Fairbrass: RT4 Upgrade 

➡️ After seeing the Raymarine autopilot set with 3D mapping in action at Darrell and Ali, Danny immediately decided to upgrade his RT4s & adding a custom airbrush design.

"there is no faster way to explore the groundstructur of your lake effectively and in high detail! The precise GPS autopilot, makes it so easy to save nice features as a spot and bring the boat back automatically after a take - a huge advantage!" 

[+]RT4 Autopilot Raymarine Set

  New Video Online! 3D Live Mapping - create fullautomatic HD Depthmaps

➡️ Raymarine-GPS-Autopilot with 3D Mapping. New Tab2Map function!

➡️ Now with full google earth overley support, zoom and tilt without delay! All about the Set [+]

🔥 Carplounge @ Carp Zwolle 2018 - NASH's Steve Briggs interview with carplounge CEO Alexander Radmacher

➡️ Steves Feedback after 1 year using the RT4 in every condition.

➡️ the reason for Steve to upgrade his RT4 with GPS Autopilot. All about the Set [+]

🔥 New: Fox Camolite RT4 Bag Set - deluxe. 
➡️ Through our close cooperation with Fox International, we have further expanded the Fox Camolite range of bags! New: Camolite Baitboat Bag Set Deluxe! The bags are produced exclusively for us with the "FOX / Carplounge" label. Perfect fit for all components of our Carplounge Baitboat sets & Unbeatable FOX Camolite quality!  [+]FOX Camolite RT4 Baitboat Bags

🔥 Carplounge @ Carp Zwolle 2018 - Aftersales Manager Daniel Radmacher and
   // Interview with AVIDs Ian Russell.

➡️ All about the new Raymarine-GPS-Autopilot Set with 3D Mapping.

➡️ easy to use System - fullautomatic GPS Mapping in HD!

 New Video: Carplounge - Baitboat production 2017/2018  

how we built Baitboats - turn on english Subtitle!

In the latest video we show you our bait boat production at Carplounge. In the meantime, we are producing 250-300 RT4 baitboats each month with 20 full-time technicians - the individual departments are presented in detail in the new video by company owner Alexander Radmacher.

 60.000+ Facebook Fans! 

With more than 60k fans and follower on our Facebook page, this is by far worldwide biggest fan site around the topic bait boats.

At this point we would like to thank you for the interest in our products. Meanwhile, there is almost no country where our RT4 is not being used. We are very proud about our innovative handmade products made in Germany, made with honest work and an open and respectful way of intercourse with our customers, team anglers and suppliers. This made Carplounge what we are today - international No 1. for High-End Baitboats! Many thanks for your support. 

 Ali Hamidi - successful with the #RT4 #Baitboat!

" My first outing using the highly acclaimed RT4!
I’ve not used Bait Boats a lot in my angling life, but on this particular trip the venue was ideal for using the Sonar technology, the amazing BaitSpirals and it gave my session an added dimension.

Each day using the sonar in a fishless swim to locate new potential feeding zones. My perseverance paid off landing 5 Fish in my final two nights to 49lb! Incredible technology and a real asset to my Monster carp armoury!"
#korda #futterboot #monstercarp #baitspirals #bigcarp

✨3000 #RT4 #Baitboats for UK! ✨

Milestone - Beginning of November 2017 we have sent out the 3000th RT4 to the UK!
We are proud to be the market leader with our RT4 Baitboat - also in the motherland of baitboats. Beside our loyal customers most of the professional anglers from the big UK brands are using our RT4 when a baitboat is needed.

At this point, we would like to thank you for choosing our products and trust in our company. We are looking forward to our next visit to the UK - the BigOne Show 2018! -International Feedback+++



 Fox Manager picked up his RT4 Baitboat

Last week Fox international Product Manager Shaun McSpadden came over to meet us and pick up his ordered RT4 Baitboat with Autopilot and BaitSpirals .

"It was great to meet Alex, Daniel and the technicians. After a walk thrugh the Carplounge Company we had a test drive at their local Lake. Very impressed by the professional production and the customer care, thats where they are already known for. After some other Baitboats i can't wait to use the number one in the Market with all its benefits."

  Korda's Ali Hamidi 

picked up his preordered Baitboat @ the Big One and gives us an interview:

- why he chose the RT4, is the use of modern technic cheating? Mapping, Fishfinder and many more...

"This is the latest addition to our Monster carp team. The Carp Lounge RT4 boat! Globally recognised as the best in the business" Ali Hamidi.

Interview with Ali Hamidi - fullversion online!  

Taska Teamangler Gerry Heapes interviews Online!
@ the BigOne Show UK

[EN] Gerry Heaps interviewed Carplounge Owner Alexander Radmacher @ the BIGONE Carpshow in UK about:

The History of Carplounge, China Baitboats, Aftersales Service, new Winch Cam Pro Compact
[EN] Gerry Heapes interviewed Carplounge Service Manager Daniel Radmacher @ the BIGONE Carpshow in UK about the BaitSpirals Baitscrew System.
[EN] Carplounge Teamangler Interview: Sebastiaan Schuurman and Gerry Heapes about the RT4 different Options

(wireless Cam, BaitSpirals...)


Shimano's Media Manager Simon Bates *RT4 unboxing*
Long Time Carplounge user and Shimano's pro Staff Simon Bates unravels the beauty of his RT4 Baitboat with Autopilot.

Carplounge RT4 @ Carp Zwolle 2017 - English Version online
Interview with Steve Briggs (NASH) - why he chose the RT4 
-Interview with Ian Russell (Avid) about the new BaitSpirals and how they work.

"I've heard a lot about the  Carplounge  boats, but since I've tried a few other brands and did not found a reliable boat, I took the chance to have a detailed look at the RT4 of my friend Ian Russell (Avid) during our last session. The quality and also the well-known first-class customer service of Carplounge convinced me finally to order the RT4" Steve Briggs told us - full interview:


 Total Carp:   RT4 #BaitSpiral baitscrews Review.

TOTAL TACKLE SPECIAL - CARPLOUNGE BAITSPIRAL FEEDING SYSTEM -  "Specialising in the manufacture and sales of highend-performance bait boats and accessories, the passionate team behind Carplounge is proud to present its latest addition that really is causing a stir! " ... " A great edge to take your bait boat fishing to the next level, and a new approach that could really change the game on bait-boatdominated waters.


 Price increases for RT Baitboats and accessories

We have hold back the price increases for a while now, but due the price increases from our suppliers we have to raise some prices in the upcoming weeks and discontinue current special offers. If you already planned to buy one of our bait boats for next season, now this is your change to have a close look at our current set offers  here++

 Back from the carp meeting Hannover 2017.

The interest in our boats was as huge as ever - but especially the live demo of the new  baitspiral  sytem was amazing.

Also Henk Suylen, the head of Proline Products was immediately enthusiastically and has retrofit his RT4 now:  "with the baitspirals  carplounge  offers its customers an advantage for completely new baiting strategies. The processing, the "plug and play"- principle and the continuous wireless control of baitspirals finally convinced me! I'm looking forward now, to start the upcoming saison with my upgraded  RT4   baitboat  "


 Carplounge RT4 English brochure - out now with Total Carp

Total Carp Magazine: " This months feature packed issue of Total Carp Magazine also boasts the impressive new English catalogue from renowned German bait boat manufacture Carplounge head to your local stockists to get yours now!
Well in this Total Carp as well as an abundance of tips, tactics, tackle and more you can expect to find an exclusive copy of the eagerly awaited English brochure for Carplounge, the German manufacturers of the worlds best bait boats, check it out now!"

Carplounge RT4 English brochure - now online available!

CARPology RT4 review 

"When you think of German engineering, you think class, reliable and quality,   and their bait boats are no different" ... " So how good are these boats?
Functionality-wise: outstanding. Performance-wise: faultless. Customer service-wise: exceptional. They really are the new king vessels ruling our waters.Full Review click here+

  RT4  customer feedback section online! 

Customer feedback is important to us. In the new category "Feedback" our international customers report on their experience with the Carplounge RT4. You have an #RT4  # Baitboat  in use and would like to share your experience on our website? Just send us an email.   +++  Customer Feedback +++  

  Rob Marsh Successful in france! (2016)

 and  # mainline  consultant Rob Marsh has just sent us some nice photos from his last session in france. " My first outing this year with my  RT4   baitboat  and once again a pleasure to use and as reliable as ever!" Now his boat is back in Haven with us to install thenew  BaitSpirals   💪

  Interview with Ian Russell about his RT4 @ the Big One 2016

behind the scenes with Carplounge at "the Big One" carp show in England. Interview with Ian Russell Carp Angler (Avid Carp) about his RT4 Baitboat. **Turn on english Subtitle**


  Big One for Lee (2016)
One of our UK guys Lee Merritt fished a week in France on a new venue for Lee. The lake fished hard all week but he still managed 8 carp including this chunky 50lb 8oz Common, caught on the top of a plateau at range... "M y #RT4 was invaluable to find the best Spots" Lee told us. Nice one mate  💪

  Danny Fairbrass collect his RT4 (2015)

Early 2015 we once again had a booth at the Carpin’ On exchibition Since 2014 we are also the market leader for highend baitboats in England – the mother country of bait boats. This year Danny Fairbrass collected his preordered RT4 bait boat including the AutoPilot directly at our booth. It was en extraordinary convention and we are already looking forward to next year.

  44 Carps for Max!  (2015)
Carplounge Consultant Max Cottis has just returned from another amazing session, this time at the Ultimate Carp Dreams venue - Les Fortinieres in France where he landed 44 fish, including 11 over 50lbs, 28 x 40's and 5 x 30's " with the aid of my Lowrance Elite 4X CHIRP and RT4 to identify the clear areas in between the strandy weed where i was able to prefectly present my rigs over large beds of boilies, particle and pellet."
  Ed Skillz joined Team Carplounge (2015)

Within last years the RT4 baitboat became also the best selling high-end baitboat in the BENELUX countrys. In order to satisfy the huge interest of carp anglers and in order to provide news, pictures and videos, Ed Skillz will join the carplounge Team.

Ed: “ The last years carp technology has taken jump. The leading company in technical development at this moment is absolutely Carplounge. Over the last years I have met Alex several times at the carp shows all over Europe. We had some good conversations about bait boats which gave me the certainty that this man knows what he is talking about. It was just recently that I decided to join the Carplounge team, after using the latest RT4 boat while fishing with a friend who already owned one. During my years of carpfishing I have used many different types of baitboats, which has given me a clear vision on what is good quality and what isn’t. The Carplounge products stand for premium quality. One of the main important things, is service. Many boats are build in China, nevertheless Carplounge has its own development team and every product is handmade and tested in Germany. There isn’t a problem they can’t fix. Since I fish big waters and rivers most of the time, I needed a strong boat that could endure the roughness of nature. RT4 suites me just perfect! The power and speed are a real relief, even when you are driving your boat up against the stream of the river. That is what I needed. It feels great to be part of a high profile team of people who keep on developing what already is a great product.Ed Skillz

    Max Cottis – New Carplounge Consultant (2013)

Max Cottis is unquestionably one of carp angling’s highest profile anglers whose ability to catch carp from waters across the UK & Europe has been well documented. Having been carp fishing for more than 40 years now, he has received considerable recognition throughout his career by achieving a number of carp angling milestones which include being the ‘first British angler to catch a carp over 30kg’ from Lac Cassien in May 1985 as well as catching the first 40lb+ carp from the famous Savay Lake syndicate in the late 80’s up to more recently, catching the mighty ‘Shoulders’ from the Abbey Lake complex in France at 94 ¼ lb in December 2013. Max is not only just a dedicated angler, he has worked within the angling industry for more than 30 years and was the man responsible for most of the new product development for FOX International for nearly 20 years before leaving to start his own company, ACE in 2007 which he subsequently sold to the Rapala Group and now his latest challenge is creating the exciting new range of tackle to go alongside their already famous range of bait for the re-launch of the Rod Hutchinson brand. Max told us……….." I’ve been a great advocate of bait boats for many years, recognising them as an invaluable tool in the carp anglers armoury…………in fact, I actually made my own bait boat more than 35 years ago, long before they were commercially available and used it to great effect seeing the advantages of being able to position baits under the overhanging trees on an island at a lake I was fishing without fear of leaving trailing lines as the result of overcastting and breaking off to leave tackle hanging in the branches. Since then, I had used one brand for more than a decade until recently when I was introduced to the Carplounge baitboats 2013 where I immediately recognised it’s superior design and features and knew I needed to change to the RT4 which is undoubtedly not just the best bait boat I’ve seen, but now used for many years! As Carplounge already is a big name in the UK market, I’m extremely proud to be associated with them and look forward to working with them to promote their brand along with aiding them in the developing of their new products for the future."  

Back @ Home from the BIG ONE Carpshow 2017- Video Online! Korda's Ali Hamidi picked up his preordered Baitboat and gives us an interview:- why he chose the RT4, is the use of modern technic cheating...
We have hold back the price increases for a while now, but due the price increases from our suppliers we have to raise some prices in the upcoming weeks and discontinue current special offers. If you...
Proline's CEO Henk - RT4 BaitSpiral upgrade -Friday, February 10, 2017
Henk Suylen, head of Proline Products: "with the baitspirals carplounge offers its customers an advantage for completely new baiting strategies. The processing, the "plug and play"- principle and the...
Steve Briggs collect his RT4 -Friday, February 10, 2017
Back @ Home from Carp Zwolle At the end of an amazing fair in Zwolle, Nash's Steve Briggs picked up his pre-ordered RT4 at our booth. "I've heard a lot about the Carplounge boats but since I've trie...
now 50000+ Fans on facebook! -Friday, July 1, 2016
With more than 50k fans and followers on our Facebook page, this is by far worldwide biggest fan site around the topic bait boats....
behind the scenes with Carplounge at "the Big One" carp show in England. Interview with Ian Russell Carp Angler (Avid Carp) about his RT4 Baitboat. **Turn on english Subtitle** ...
Improved customer service! -Monday, April 4, 2016
Due to the rising number of orders we have improved our customer service for you. If you have any questions about products you already purchased or about the current status of your order you can cont...
english Videos Online! -Monday, April 4, 2016
Watch a selection of recent video in english. All Carplounge videos can be found in our Youtube channel: *All Videos in english or with english subtitle*...
Carplounge at the Carpin on in UK -Monday, April 4, 2016
This year we once again had a booth at the Carpin’ On exchibition in England. By now we are also the clear market leader for high end bait boats in England – the mother country of bait boats. This ye...
Marco Nowacki is the regional sales manager for Graupner Modellbau in North rhine Westphalia. He is a professional model builder and works for one of the most prestigious model electronics suppliers....