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Carplounge Baitspiral System

149.00€ *

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BaitSpiral Control board for "Plug and Play" use of the spirals
BaitSpiral Control Board with and 1 Baitspiral (1 Spiral + Baitfunnel)
+ 129.00€
BaitSpiral Control Board with 2 Baitspirals (2x Sprirals +Baitfunnels) [+€199.00]
+ 199.00€
Carplounge Einbau Service *
Installation Baitspiral- Control Board
+ 49.00€
Installation Baitspiral Control Board with Checkup service at carplounge
+ 99.00€
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Carplounge Baitspiral System Next level baiting Heaps of feed – something that simply... more

Carplounge Baitspiral System
Next level baiting

Heaps of feed – something that simply doesn’t exist in nature. However this can be a problem in shallow waters when using a bait boat. It was only possible to release the feed at full throttle. If there are a lot of bait boats on the water, fish get used to it and the approach loses its efficacy. These fish relate big heaps of food with danger stay clear of those and become suspicious with good reason. In order to create bigger bait areas or even whole streets of bait, we are proud to offer you the optimal solution after a long development process.


We are pleased to offer the for years most desired add-on for our RT4 Baitboats now. During the development process we followed through several different ideas and we ended up with a feeding screw system. After extensive testing, this very reliable and maintenance-free technology has totally convinced us and we believe that this is the best possible solution.

The first approach - Controlling the hatch with a servo motor
Our first idea was based on a hatch system that could be opened and closed progressively via remote with the help of servo motors. This allowed for adjusting the angle of the hatch which would become steeper over time and small portions of bait would be released. We had already tested this idea extensively years earlier but had discarded it eventually. The hatch does allow portioning the bait but also leads to the release of smaller pieces of bait first and larger pieces later when different sized pieces of bait are used. When closing the hatch, pieces of bait frequently get stuck in it. Therefore it is only a matter of time until the servo motor breaks down and has to be replaced. Since servo motors are known to be some of the most fragile parts of bait boats, we have abstained from using it at all in our RT4 and aim to continue to do that in order to continuously meet our high quality standards.

Big bait areas and streets 2.0
After a number of setbacks that we encountered during the product development process, we focused on the most important requirement for us that we had been unable to fulfill up until this point. The new product should be able to release bait of all types, sizes, assortments and textures equally over longer distances with the releasing amount being adjustable. This bait boat should increase the flexibility while fishing and enable new bait strategies. The additional features should include being able to dispense boilies, wet food like stick mix, small particle-assortments as well as small bait types like mini pellets and small particles like hemp. Besides that it was of uttermost importance to us to offer an integrated plug and play solution which can remain in the boat for transport and doesn’t have to be transported as a separate component.

The solution: the BaitSpiral system
After developing various prototypes we were finally on the right track and developed a spiral conveyor which is made out of glass fiber reinforced PA6 material and which fulfilled our high expectations. An injection molding technique is used to build all components which allows the construction to have a very high accuracy of fit. This prevents small pieces of bait from becoming wedged and from eventually clogging the opening which could in the worst case scenario lead to a complete breakdown of the system, which may happen while using competitors’ products. Of course, big pieces of bait as well as pellets can be dispensed as well, which allows a distribution over bigger areas.

Already installed in the RT4 or available for retrofit
You can choose to order your new RT4 bait boat with the new BaitSpiral system which you will find in the options of the configurator on our website. It’s also available for retrofit exclusively for RT4 bait boats which have been equipped by Carploung with the BUS system (no DIY Sets). In order to do that our technicians fit the spiral’s control module through the battery bay on the inside of the boat.

Hence, the whole electronic control system is safely built into the boats interior, does not require any additional space in the battery bay and most importantly, is protected against any weather conditions. In order to retrofit the module, the boat does not have to be opened up completely. The additional control system is operated entirely by the existing batteries and does not require an alternative power source. A jack on the inside of the boat will be used to connect the BaitSpiral system to the power supply and to control it.

Plug & Play
The application of the BaitSpiral system is simple and intuitive. In order to use spiral conveyors the RT4 boat’s bait hatches have to be opened. Now the spirals fit exactly and firmly into the bait departments of the RT4. You can now remove the sealing caps that protect the socket and the plug when not in use. Since June 2017, we have installed a watertight, gold-plated push connector that snaps into the sockets when plugged in and can easily be released with one hand with a pull on the plug. (plug & play)

That’s how it works
When a BaitSpiral is connected, the electronic control system automatically deactivates the magnets of the bait hatches on the particular side and controls instead the spiral conveyor which allows you to use your remote`s familiar controls in order to control the spiral conveyors. If the spiral conveyors are not installed you can use the left control as per usual to control the hatches. If the lever points to the left it opens the left hatch and accordingly the right hatch is opened by moving the lever to point to the right.

Automatic recognition
As soon as a spiral conveyor is attached and is connected to the boat via the jack, the bait hatch magnet is deactivated and the respective spiral turns according to the lever position. The further the lever points to one side, the faster the responding spiral turns. When we developed the system we made sure that it is also possible to use only one spiral conveyor. Hence you can, for example, use a spiral conveyor only in the left bait department which can be filled with stick mix and boilies while the right bait department can contain the rig as usually and additional bait.

When it reaches its spot the remote can be used to open the right hatch to release the rig with a small amount of bait. The spiral conveyor in the second bait department can then be used to distribute more bait in a bigger radius around the initially released bait.

2 Spirals for large areas
When two spiral conveyors are being used in one boat, they can be controlled separately. Moving the lever to the left initiates the rotation process of the left spiral and moving the lever to the right dispenses the food contained in the right spiral compartment. Using both spiral conveyors is useful to chum fish as well as when greater amounts of bait are to be distributed over a bigger area.

As long as the lever is in the central position, the spiral conveyors stand still and do not release any bait. The proportional control via remote allows a smooth change of rotational speed and thus a perfect dispersion of food along the way.

Single / Double Modus - Now fitted as standard!
The double mode can now be selected via a switch in the battery compartment. If 2 Baitscrews are inserted, then both screws rotate synchronic which is handy for the pre-baiting or when you want to bring in large quantities of baits or particles. In single mode (switch up), both screws can be separately controlled again.

That’s how it works with the auto pilot
Needless to say, the new BaitSpiral system can also be used for our auto pilot boats. Here it offers even more options for different bait strategies while fishing. Shortly, we will make available an update for our Carplounge Autopilot App, which will allow controlling the bait hatches manually via the app as well as on certain routes. This allows, for example, methodical navigation of whole bait areas.

Example navigation:

> go to point 1
> from there, go to point 2 while rotating the left spiral conveyor at a 50 percent speed
> at arrival at point activate the left release clutch
> then go to point 3 while rotating the right spiral conveyor at a 50 percent speed
> return to “home”

Optionally available
shortly we offer a Bait-Extender attachment for the bait departments as additional equipment. These extend the bait capacity by another 1.2 kg. A fitting lid keeps the bait dry and protects it for example against birds.

Price and Delivery details

- BaitSpiral Control for "Plug and Play" use of the spirals and rubber plugs to cover the jacks [149€]
- Baitspiral: spiral conveyor with strong gear motor waterproof with gilded plug and one Baitfunnel [1pc for 1 side 129€ / Set of 2 pcs: 199€]
- Retrofit Charge 49€
- Retrofit Charge including RT4 checkup service* 99€

*During the checkup service our technicians will check the boat you sent in after installing the electronic spiral control system thoroughly on our lake. This checkup is being conducted according to an 80 points inspection plan. If necessary the echo sounder and/or the remote will be adjusted/trimmed correctly.

You would like to send in your boat for a retrofit and plan an upgrade or a reconstruction of your boat or echo sounder/GPS? Please contact us and we’ll make you a package offer at a reduced price.

After installing the electronic spiral control system, the bait hatches are immediately “plug and play” ready for use without cumbersome assembly. The Baitspirals can be transported within the boat and do thus not increase the pack size any further.

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