Detailed description RT3 
Jet Propulsion 
The RT3 is equipped with a 28mm Kehrer jet drive. The advantages of the ball-bearing jet drive compared to conventional propeller-driven boats, are one, that of the significantly higher speed and the other in the tractive power of the bait boat. Using the thrust reverser as you can even travel in reverse as with a normal boat. The intake port of the Jet drives is protected by an weed grille to guard against the suction of algae and weed. 
Since jet drives need to achieve a motor revolution of 15,000 - 20,000 rpm for their optimal efficiency, we use a specially manufactured for us, LiPo battery with 14.8 volts in the RT3 , which drives a Graupner Speed  700 motor. With this combination, the RT3 is one of the world's fastest and most powerful bait boats. In addition, it is also possible to even unhitch the lines at great distances before being deposited. 
LiIon Batteries & running time 
In the RT3 modern LiIon batteries are exclusively used to provide a light weight and long travel times due to their high power density. Thus the boat could be reduced to a weight of 4-5KG depending on equipment (including batteries). 
Unlike other manufacturers, we use 4S LiIon 14.8 V instead of 7.4 V or 11.1 V. Due to the higher voltage of the 4S LiIon at the same load consumes far less power and allows ranges of 6 or 8 KM with battery backup. For example, in comparison to Carponizer with 1-2KM distance,  ours is 4 times more. Thus making the RT3 one of the bait boats offered with the longest battery life in the world! 
The batteries can be recharged in as little as 2-3 hours on 220 volt with the quick-charge function of the included digital Robbe LiPo charger or connect the AC charger into the adapter for the car battery which is included free of charge.. 
Digital battery indicator 
Another important highlight of the RT3 feed boat is blue illuminated digital voltmeter. So you always have the rest of the total voltage of the boat in view. 
Emergency power supply mode 
Once the total voltage of the battery is coming to an end, the cruise control will jump to the emergency power supply mode, which is indicated by a reduction in engine power to 1/3 drive. This way you can recognize when it is a good time to charge or replace the batteries. The remaining charge of the "emergency power supply" should be enough for a 30-minute drive. Optionally, we can offer you a backup system for the RT3 to which you can change over using a switch on the remote control to a second 6.6Ah LiIon battery backup. For more information visit backup system 
Hull / Body
The hull of the bait boat RT3 was created in CAD and produced in Germany and was coordinated with the help of shipbuilding engineers to perfect it's driving characteristics associated with the jet drive.. The hull is made from 5mm ABS and coated with a special PMMA (plexiglass) coating, which provides a much more scratch resistant, high gloss surface in comparison to the normal ABS and enables an improved glide through the water. Through the trimaran form (3 floats) the RT3 bait boat offers the best possible floating position and stability in the water. 
As the boat is relatively wide and not very high, it has a perfectly balanced center of gravity. The compact dimensions of the RT3 is 60 * 40 * 24cm (L * W * H). There is a large brushed aluminum carrying handle mounted in the middle of the boat ,which is advantageous for lowering the boat into channels for example. The batteries are located in a separate compartment under the battery cover in the middle float chamber, so the batteries do not fly around easily within the hull and are better protected. An easily accessible car fuse in the battery compartment protects the on-board electronics from surge damage.
Feed Hatches
The RT3 was designed for a total capacity of 4 liters (2 liters per page) capacity. With the tremendous hatches feed of 32cm in length and 8 cm width dimensions is a tilt of Baits completely excluded. Even tennis ball-sized balls feed or bait fish mountings can be extended easily. 
The two feed hatches can be opened independently of each other using the remote control and are each held by a magnetic pin that is quietly retracted when opening. To shut the feed valve, it is simply closed by hand. A complicated opening of the pin to close the hatches via the remote control, as necessary with, eg. vulnerable servo-controlled plastic splints, is eliminated, therefore considerably simplifying the loading procedure. 
Another advantage of our magnetic-Splint system is that no power is consumed in standby. If the magnet is operated via the remote control, current is only required for half a second to tighten the pin
As the only German manufacturer, the feed hatches in our bait boats RT3 and RT4 open to the inside and rest against the middle float in the open position, rather than on the outer pontoons. Thus our boats go straight as possible with the feeding hatches open. 
There is a 4mm stainless steel shaft is attached to the feed ports, which are fastened at the ends into stainless steel ball bearings in the boat. Thus the hatch moves reliably and quietly. 
Lighting System
The entire lighting system is already available in the basic version, no need to buy this as an extra, as with other models. In addition to the LED's on the side, which confirm the opening of the feed hatches and release of the rig, the boat has each 2 large white LED's in the front and 2 blue LED's in the rear. The entire lighting system can be turned on and off via the remote control. All LED's are super bright and can still be seen clearly at larger distances. 
Dimmable LED lighting 
Since our gradual dimming LED's were not good enough, we have developed an infinitely dimmable lighting system at the request of our team anglers, which we will install during our winter special at no extra charge (normally a € 40 add on) When the light is switched on via the remote control, the brightness increases within 5 seconds from 0 - 100% and can be stopped at any desired brightness. This way you can always adjust the lighting system perfectly to the lighting conditions. 
2.4 GHz technology 
Our remote controls work on the world-wide approved 2.4 GHz ISM band. That means no crystals, no spot frequency superposition and maximum security from same-channel interference. Since the transmitter and receiver change the frequency in sync, a duplicate signal is ruled out with over 130 million possible code assignments. The remote itself has an integrated 8cm short rubber antenna. 
Thus, there is no longer a danger that your own bait boat may be controlled by another angler with the same crystal, as can happen with normal quartz-linked remote controls. 
Compared to normal remote control of the use of a boat long antenna is no longer required. You can choose from two remote control systems, each with 6 channels:
For more information about remote controls can be found in the category "DIY kits" 
State of the art BUS - control system
Normally a central control unit is used in bait boots, to which all the electronics are connected to components, such as LED's, with separate lines. Since the incorporation of this control can be very time consuming and error prone due to the many solder joints, we as the first manufacturer have also set new standards in bait boat construction
Benefits of the SMD-loaded BUS system are the fast, clear and reliable installation of the electronics. The disadvantages are costs that are more than twice as high . 
Release Couplings 
For separate deployment of the assembly, we offer optional release couplings for the RT3. This way  you can decide whether you want to have one or two or no clutches mounted. Of course, a subsequent upgrade no problem. Unlike our competitors we  are the only company with our own patented Magnetic splint system for the release couplings. This proven system eliminates to 100% the jamming malfunctions - in contrast to the otherwise conventional servo controlled couplings. 
Optionally, for the RT3 we can offer you a backup system that allows you to change over with a switch on the remote control from the main battery to a small 6.6 Ah LiIon battery backup. Thus, the RT3 can be used for another 4-5km at full power before it automatically jumps to the "emergency power supply" mode. Included in the price are two additional LED's on the back of the boat, which also visually confirm activation of the backup system, the built-in backup system and the backup LiIon battery.