Read instructions? - Carpangler are all the same ;)
Even if we run a super up-to-date instruction portal for our customers with detailed instructions on all our products, there were always questions about video tutorials - especially about the most sought after RT4 - the Raymarine autopilot set with mapping.

 Autopilot Quickstart Manual
Our good friend and owner of EliteTackle UK - Rowan Charnick - show you how simple it is to start your RT4 Autopilot-Raymarine Set. It really is that simple!


 carplounge Autopilot Update Nov. 2018

//  3D Mapping - faster, more accorate, new Raster automatic Drive


 Service Manager Daniel Radmacher -

demonstrate step by step the new Mappingupdate in Detail!

  // 3D Mapping Update: new isobathic HD auto raster Depth

#1 New Motor Trim after Reset or new installation


  New: Motor Trimm Update!*

 RT4 tutorial Video.

  // how to reset and configurate the Motors for perfect GPS Autopilot Drive! 


 Motor Autotrim for perfect GPS Autopilot Drive!* 

How to Use -step by step

// Motor Autotrim for perfect GPS Autopilot Drive!

* these settings will be set individually for each boat on all newly ordered RT4 and all autopilot upgrades before shipment to our customers by our technicians at the lake

 Autopilot detail Tutorials -Step by Step!

our Aftersales Manager Daniel show you all the steps - from unpacking the boat to creating an autopilot route to mapping the 3D map. In addition, he further gives some nice tips and answers frequently asked questions:


  Video1: Preperations

In the first chapter of our tutorial series we show you how to plug in your batteries the correct way and give you tips about the best batterie choice. We also show you how you can seal your batterie compartment to make it water proof.

  Video 2: Aerials

 In the second chapter of our tutorial series we show you how to connect your aerials the correct way and give you tips about the correct handling.

  Video 3: Transmitterbox

In the third part of our tutorial we give you all information about our transmitter box and it´s functions as well as advices about the best energy supply. We also give you tips about the correct handling.

  Video 4: starting the autopilot

In the fourth chapter we show you how to connect the transmitter box to your tablet and show you how to correctly open the required apps. 



  Video 5: connect the Autopilot System

 In this chapter we show you how to connect your transmitter box to your Autopilot-App as well as your baitboat. We also give you advice for the best method to do so.



  Video 6: the Autopilot App

In this chapter we introduce you to our Autopilot App with all of its functions and give you advice about the correct handling. We also show you how you can prepare your next fishing trip thanks to the App.

  Video 7: autom. calibration

 In this chapter of our tutorial series we show you how to adjust the straight drive of you baitboat to asure a precise and optimal use of your product.

  Video 8: Create a depth Map

 In this video we show you how you can use the mapping function and how to create your own lake map.


  Video 9: generate Map

 In this part we show you to generate your lake map and can tweak it to your needs.  We also give you some tips on how you can benefit from it in your own angling.

  Video 10: plan your automatic routes

In the last part of our tutorial series we introduce you to the fuctions of the Route and Autopilot functions. We also show you how you can uses these functions in your general fishing.

  new Video 11: 
I Import & Export KML Files

If you want to rework your recorded tracks and maps, you can export and edit the files into all other mapping software such as Reefmaster through the standardized NMEA format. In this video our team member and mapping specialist Dennis Groen show you how to rework your Tracks and how to create a 3D depth map with the colours and depth structure you prefer. the updated Depthmaps can finally be saved back on the Tablet as a KML overlay file and be used directly for the Autopilot.


  Comming soon