All-on-One 10" Control

done! Our developers have now succeeded in adapting the raymarine app and the carplounge autopilot app to control the RT4 baitboat on a 10 " Tablet Parallel! Previously, it was not possible to use 2 active apps with normal split-screen tools.

  Carplounge All on one Control Screen - 10" Tablet! No need for fishfinder display and remote control in autopilot mode!

 10 "Tablets: All in One" View NEW!
Through a special software adaptation of our technicians the autopilot app can now run synonymous with the Raymarine (depth sounder) app on the big 10 "tablet! Of course you can run the autopilot app only or just the Raymarine (Echosounder/Fishfinder) in landscape mode and use the big 10" Screen to displayed in full screen!

 You already have a 10 "Samsung Tablet?
Use our installation and configuration service: Just send us your tablet within 2 weeks after you have plcaed the order or bring it with you at the pickup date. Our technicians then install all the necessary apps and set up your RT4 .

 Order Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10"  tablet directly (recommended)
Now simply order the tablet via our configurator 
- You get a brand new black Samsung Tab A 10 "- Completely installed and configured on your boat at our test lake!

To use the "Live 3D mapping" you need a modern 10" Tablet as Samsung Tab A, which we use or recommend.

Updates and improvements on a regular bases
The possibilitys and intuitive Control concept of the new autopilot system will on medium term replace the normal remote controls on our BaitBoats. There for the free App (downloadable via Google Play Store) will be further developed and extended. With automatic updates we offer a fast way to add customer wishes, changes and extensions! The autopilot app gets (as usual on Tables/Smartphons) automatically updated.

New: Master & Slave Mode
As soon as you switch on the remote control, the remote control immediately takes control of the boat. When the remote control is off and the tablet is about to start an autopilot ride, the tablet is master and controls the boat until the route is finished, the route was stopped by user, or the remote control is turned on.

The transmitterbox is mounted on the included tripod. Incorporated is a directional radio antenna which guarantees stable coverage over 1000+ meter with the new Autopilot V3 Hardware and an internal 12V LiIon accumulator with 6600mAh which ensures runtimes up to 18 hours! Additionally an external accumulator with an range of 6V to 20V can be connected (for example: 12V Lead or 4S Lipo/LiIon accumulator) to increase the runtime even more. A super fast 2 Port USB 3.0 charge connector gives the oppurtunity to charge the Tablet/Phone and other USB devices with up to 5A!

 Optional: Ultrasonic distance control *NEW*
The RT4 Autopilot can be equipped with an detachable ultrasonic distance control. It prevents the boat to make a collision with obstacles or getting trapped in snags or bushes. The Auto Stop function will automatically stop or reverses the boat when an obstacle such as banks, trees, snags etc. is detected in less than 80 centimeters. On the Autopilot app you can see a warning bar when an obstacle is coming nearby within 2 meters.

 Autopilot Control with the Carplounge App

Instead of using a normal remote control the Carplounge Autopilot uses a Android Tablet/Phone. The requiered software can be downloaded for free from the Google Playstore and supports every Android device with an Bluetooth interface. The Tablet connects via Bluetooth to an Transmitterbox to the BaitBoat and offers complete control over the BaitBoat with an intuitiv Touchscreen interface. The manuell mode offers normal functions as driving and action trigger but also improved as driving with auto-heading. Position, course and heading (compass funtion!) of the BaitBoat are mapped in real time. Good spots, which for example where discoverd with the sonar can be saved as geolocations and named with intuitiv names like “ridge left” “spot 1” “home” etc.


The autopilot mode offers to combine these spots with the according actions (open left hopperdoor / open right hopperdoor / open left release / open right release / turn on light / etc.) into routes which then can be processed fully automatic.


 Example: 1.) drive to postion “spot 1” and open right hopperdoor when arrived 2.) drive to position “ridge left” and open left hopperdoor when arrived 3.) drive back to the “home” position and flash lights one time. The boat can now be filled with the rig and baits to drive the route or an other again. An almost infinite amount of spots and routes can be saved. With extremly precise measures like tilt and acceleration sensors combined with leading edge GPS and Compass-technologie a absolute precise control of the Boat, with an accuracy of less then 30cm in over 90% of all GPS recieving conditions. Also the string rigging during drive espeacially for deploying 2 rods at the same time at different spots is managed intelligent: If the tension on one or both Rods is increased the integrated electronics will recognize and compensate this. This way the BaitBoat will allways drive in straigt lines betweens spots without driving arcs and creating string bows.

The Autopilot replaces the normal remote control for the BaitBoat. Even tough we can offer the possibility to combine an normal remote control with the Autopilot. This way you can choose if you prefer to control the Boat with your Tablet or your old fashioned remote control. The App can be used on any Bluetooth capable Android Tablet/Phone. At the moment our App is optimized on 7-inch Tablets, but support for 4 inch to 10 inch Tablets/Phones will be added soon.