High resolution underwater mapping has never been easier!

Don't want to take a laptop with you to the Lake? Our development department has succeeded in a further feature that does not exist anywhere else! For our customers, it is now possible to record live mappingdata (Position and Depth) directly into a file on the tablet in combination with the Raymarine Wi-Fish and the position data from the Autopilot tracks.

 HD Live Mapping - even more comfortable with the new Tab 2 Map function!

In addition to the track recording function for Reefmaster, with the update to "Live HD Map Mapping" a HD depth map can be generated directly in the Carplounge Autopilot app! It is not necessary to edit or convert the data, the HD map appears on all the tracks that have been left.

The Carplounge Autopilot app reads the depth data of the Raymarine Wi-Fish echo sounder live and in full bandwidth. The recorded tracks are collected in the app and can be converted into depth maps at any time using the map generator integrated in the Carplounge autopilot app. The created depth maps are placed directly as an overlay on the Google map, and with the GPS co-ordinates contained in the map its directly positioned exactly.

The genereated map can be used directly, eg. to save GPS Spots at nice features such as sandbars or weedfree areas you found on the Map

 WiFish CHIRP - with 400-600 meter wireless Range!
WiFish: Award-winning Broadband CHIRP DownVision ™ sonar for photorealistic sonar images, high-speed tracking and excellent deep-water resolution. The most high-resolution wireless echosounder for bait boats on the market! By increasing the performance by our technician, our built-in Raymarine echosounders work stably at 400-600 meters - and legally within the EU!

 Trade mapping or share Maps with others
The created depth maps as well as the individual tracks can easily be exchanged with other systems. In this way, areas can be mapped together with other boats and later be generated to a total map.

 Edit KML Files with other Mapping Software
Reefmaster - new detail tutorial from our mapping specialist Dennis Groen online!

If you want to rework your recorded tracks and maps, you can export and edit the files into all other mapping software such as Reefmaster through the standardized NMEA format. The updated Depthmaps  can finally be saved back on the Tablet as a KML overlay file and be used directly for the Autopilot.

 Upgrade later? No problem:
The hardware of the RT4 Raymarine autopilot set is already equipped with the necessary mapping hardware as standard, the mapping function can be installed at any time simply by means of a software key. The boat does not need to be sent!

If you have received your tablet from us and have activated the mapping option, all settings are already configured!

For the use of the "Live HD mapping" we recommend modern Tablets as the Samsung Tab A 10" we use/recommend due to the required computing power.

 Autopilot V3 Appupdate! August 2018

 Revised mapping function!

So far only simple contour underwater maps could be generated in the app [Barycentric]

 new HD map generation!

New Isobathic HD: with the latest app update in combination with the Raymarine sonar you can now also create high-resolution isobathic maps. The extremely detailed resolution shows bumps and unique spots in the lake now in different colors in a high adjustable contrast level for a 3D effect!

The card type [Barycentric / Isobathic] and the contrast and contour lines setting can now be easily used - with just 3 clicks - to generate maps in the tablet.
 Depth radar in main control view!

if no radar distance modul is attached to your Boat, the Distancegraph can now also be switched to depth display!

This way the current depth underneath the Boat is showed into the Main Menu of the App - even without running Raymarine App!

Excl. for RT4 with Raymarine Echo + autopilot V3! 
 Depth log display- for effective mapping!

While mapping, now all already created tracks [recording rides] within a radius of 2km are  displayed gray with low line width.

This way its always recognizable immediately, which routes have already been driven and recorded!
 Depth-Legend & remaining time + route!

With the new update, a colored legend for depthindication will be displayed on each generated map with immediate effect.

New: "track time to info bubble" The remaining travel time (in minutes) and remaining distance (m) of the current automatic drive with the autopilot is now always displayed with the upper section of the app


 Autopilot V3 Appupdate! May 2018

 Autopilot V3 Appupdate! Mai 2018
   Now even more accurate GPS control with new PID AutoDrive!

Autotrim: Fully automatic Jet- Motor calibration while driving!
- perfect straight-ahead driving with brushless and lownoise motors at all speeds
Trackassistent: to stay on direct course - even with one-sided pull (drive out of the rig) or load, the RT4 remains on course!
- No manual engine trim and Compass calibration needed!
Optimized Control Pad: driving the boat manually with the Tablet now even better - now same control behavior as with normal remote controls!
- the latest Carplounge Autopilot V3 app: now available for our customers for free upgrade in the Playstore & preinstalled on all RT4 autopilot sets that are shipped now!


 Barycentric HD depth maps.
In contrast to other mapping systems, we can now process the high-resolution depth data live in real-time through direct access to the Raymarine sonar by the Carplounge app.

Due to the significantly more frequently updated and more accurate data, much less interpolation is required, which brings the accuracy of the depth map to industry standard! Due to the more detailed depth data, Barycentric depth maps can be generated in the Carplounge Autopilot App, which show even the smallest in-depth unevenness through precise edges precisely and clearly!

 Automatic correction of wrong depth and position data
For all mapping systems, sometimes for a few seconds there may be incorrect measurements in depth or position. These incorrect measurements distort the depth maps and can only be cumbersome eg. be removed via Reefmaster. Again, our system is far ahead of us:

With the auto-correction, our developers have solved the problem - implausible depth or GPS logs can be automatically detected from the data and removed! The post-processing time of several hours for deleting manually as with other mapping systems is therefore completely eliminated! 

 even more comfortable with the new Live HD mapping
new mapping upgrade! Download the latest App Version and Try it! The new "Points via map" view has been revised for the HD mapping and extended with new features!

 easy Mapping - just press Record - thats it!
The track recording can now be started at any time - regardless of whether in remote control mode, in manual tablet mode or now in the automatic route!

 new function: "Tab 2 Map"!
With the new tap point function, new points can be created simply by tapping on the (depth) map and the points are automatically approached by the boat.
The points are automatically traversed at the start of the route in the selected series of ranks. Very suitable eg. for automatic driving at the shore.

 new function: "AutoRaster"!
The perfect upgrade for large areas! simply tap an area in the app where you want to map. When closing the surface, the automatic grid can be set! This means that even large surfaces can be mapped absolutely precisely and fully automatically.

 Now with shallow water warning and autostop function!
At a water depth of 0- 0.5 meters, the autopilot will now issue a shallow water warning. In addition, the auto-stop function can now be activated for all automatic routes (recommended). In shallow water, close to banks or on sandbanks, the boat automatically stops to control it by hand, optimally protected!

- Raymarine wiFish echosounder, autopilot and maps - all on one tablet - only at Carplounge!


Example: Mapping:

- Start the recording at the bottom right of the screen (Record Button)
- Then drive off the water, with the autopilot or manually with the remote control.
- The already driven route is displayed in real time on the map
- Stop recording by clicking on the Stop button
- Several single Tracks can later be combined to a total Map

The selected overlays remain selected after a single selection and are then available in all existing views.

 To calculate a Barycentric map based on the created mapping data, proceed as follows:


 Select the desired recorded tracks on the left side.

 Selected tracks here the tracks for the map creation are listed again
 Automatically select depth this setting will set the maximum depth automatically selected from the recorded data
 Min. Color the color for the shallowest part.
 Max. Color the color for the lowest point.
 Contour Size the detail level of the generated map, a smaller value leads to a more detailed contour map.
  Clicking on "Generate map" starts the calculation of the depth map, which is then directly saved in the app on the Tablet.

 Click on "Show Overlays on Map" to apply the selected generated maps.

The recorded mapping data can also be imported directly into other mapping software such as Reefmaster. The Maps created with Reefmaster can finally be saved as .KML back on the Tablet to  displayed as an overlay aswell.