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 New: Airbrush Design 2018/19 Gallery online! 
Have a look at our latest Designs in our new Adobe RT4 Gallery: https://adobe.ly/2xxS6bc

 THE MAKING OF RT4 Airbrush @ Carplounge I Custom Designs 

 You can choose your RT4 Baitboat in 3 different Designs:
Carbon design with clearvanish, Black Matt Edition with purple Backlights
& new: 
FOX Camolite design in BlackLine 
[new: BlackLine: Matt anodized LED sockets, handle and release couplings!]

 Carbon Design
The standard RT4 comes with the popular Carplounge Carbon Design at no extra charge. After the carbon coating the hull is additionally coated with a particular boat varnish. The high-gloss finish provides significantly improved gliding qualities in the water because of its coating and makes it much more scratch-resistant than boats without a coating. Furthermore, the boat paint sealing offers the advantage that scratches can be polished out if they happen after all.

 Black Matt Edition
Besides the Carbon Design we also offer the "Black Matt Edition" which is a limited edition. It is a black and matt varnish for the RT4 with purple LED back lights and red RT4 stickers.

Carplounge Customs Airbrush Desings

In our own paint booth, our airbrush specialist Alex has been making individual requests for over a year. Whether it's a paint job matching the car color of our customers, self-designed ideas, color combinations and individual camouflage - at carplounge custom designs everything is possible!
In addition to the 15-20 individual airbrush jobs for our customers, we regularly produce new design samples in which we try new color / pattern combinations or new painting techniques. looking for a unique Paintjob? Just let us know.
Ian Russell - Neon - Blackline Update!
#custom #airbrush for Avid Manager Ian Russell. Ian has been using his RT4 for more than 5 years - Now he has decided to auverhole the look of his Boat - and choosed the new  #NeonDesign in #Blackline - a cool & high visable Design that is sure to catch the eye even on the biggest distances
Danni Fairbrass - Dark-Black Carbon Design - Black line°

Fox Manager Shaun McSpadden - RT4 Camolite Design - Black line. // exclusiv at carplounge!


 RT4 new custom Designs
New: Illuminated Design und new Airbrush Ideas:


 RT4 Summer Airbrush Update 

 Live Airbrush at CarpZwolle 2018 
Neu: Illuminated Design und viele weiteren Designideen im Video:


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RT4 GPS Autopilot - Raymarine Airbrush Design Set

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 New: Flip Flop Painting
Now also with 2-colored flip flop varnish, which changes the color depending on the angle of view!

 Airbrush Individual Camouflage // Grass & // Leaf Designs

  Airbrush-Individual - Black & White
You would like to have one of kind custom-Airbrush Design? Talk to us about your ideas or select on of the examples from our website.

RT4 Individual Airbrush Red  Baitboat

RT4 Individual Airbrush Red  Baitboat