Last week Carplounge Team Consultant Jan Ulak took his RT4 out on the water with the new Funk Cam Pro.

"Modern echo sounders already offer a very good overview of the depth profile and the soil structure of our waters. However, it occurs sometimes that you only have very few certain hotspots. At a lake close to my place for example it is very important to find these few spots to place your rig and bait exactly there.  I picked the end of a shell bank, which was absolutely weedless, for the Carplounge Funk-Cam.

The control of the camera over a control knob is self-explanatory and allows to continuously lower the cam up to a depth of 20 m. After I had found a convincing spot, I placed my lure there and the bait out of the food compartments of the RT4 would end up around it.

It's a completely new impression that you get and a great feeling to see your perfect assembly at your chosen spot. Now it is time to wait.

Who doesn't know the feeling of continuously asking yourself if the spot was accepted or if there is still food and most of all whether the hook rig is still attached?
Since I often like to leave my rods out in the water for more than twelve hours, I couldn't resist to drive out every now and then to check the situation. :)

Meanwhile I always had some food in the food compartments as well in order to be able to release it if needed. This strategy caught me a nice mirror carp after about 20 hours and this on a water where you quite frequently happen to not catch anything even in long sessions."