// Autopilot V3 Appupdate!

 updated Raster functions

- new: adjustable Mapping Grid orientation and grid size for automatic mapping drive!
 Automatic calibration
new: Motor Trim-Process: autom. setup of best and most suitable parameters  for the current drive situation (loading conditions of the bait boat, flow, etc.)
 Autosave mapping data

even the biggest areas can now be mapped in one run without risk of data loss!

// Photo submitted by Chris Schulz: "Mega Update!" The new autopilot update makes the RT4 like ride on rails and the detailed mapping of large areas is now even easier! Great Job! "
 RT4 Autopilot APP UPDATE V.3  
Carplounge Boss Alex - RT4 with latest updates in action!

In this video you can see one of the many benefits of our RT4.

// next level angling - Easy as that! 


 Autopilot V3 Appupdate! // November 2018:

 updated Raster functions

The mautomatic mapping raster creation function was further expanded with the last update and added with further useful options. From now on, the orientation of the grid as well as the grid size can be set into the mapping view!

This means that new and completely unknown waters can be mapped roughly in a very short time. Interesting features of the lake can be traced now in different directions and closer to create an absolutely high-resolution depth map that clearly displays even the smallest details!
  Automatic calibration

We have further optimized the automatic trim process for the engines to allow even more accurate drive with the Carplounge autopilot system.

With the latest trim process, the best and most suitable parameters (flow, loading conditions of the bait boat etc.) for the current drive situation are automatically determined and saved.
The trim process can be easily repeated from time to time or in new circumstances at any time to always achieve a perfect automatic straight ahead drive.

 [Autosave] while mapping

The mapping function has been now supplemented with an automatic save function!
Thus even the longest mapping sessions can be run without risk of data loss at one go.

If the mapping process is interrupted (eg tablet battery empty, accidentally closed app, etc.), the previously recorded data remains and can be used as usual for the card generation.


 NEW UPDATE V.3 I with Seb and Daniel 

[English] Interview about the updated Autopilot System with Mapping

In this video our team member Seb and Service Manager Daniel are talking about the new Update V.3. They are pointing out the new functions and explain what they are using them for in their angling. 

 // Get valuable tips and tricks!


 Autopilot V3 Appupdate! // August 2018:

 Revised mapping function!

So far only simple contour underwater maps could be generated in the app [Barycentric]

 new HD map generation!

New Isobathic HD: with the latest app update in combination with the Raymarine sonar you can now also create high-resolution isobathic maps. The extremely detailed resolution shows bumps and unique spots in the lake now in different colors in a high adjustable contrast level for a 3D effect!

The card type [Barycentric / Isobathic] and the contrast and contour lines setting can now be easily used - with just 3 clicks - to generate maps in the tablet.
 Depth log display- for effective mapping!

While mapping, now all already created tracks [recording rides] within a radius of 2km are  displayed gray with low line width.

This way its always recognizable immediately, which routes have already been driven and recorded!

 Depth-Legend & remaining time + route!

With the new update, a colored legend for depthindication will be displayed on each generated map with immediate effect.

New: "track time to info bubble" The remaining travel time (in minutes) and remaining distance (m) of the current automatic drive with the autopilot is now always displayed with the upper section of the app

 RT4 Baitboat Autopilot App V3 Update I Seb and Rowan about new functions

In this new video Seb and Rowan talking about some new functions of our latest Autopilot App Update V.3! 

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 Autopilot V3 Appupdate! // Juli 2018:

 Target zone Speed:

With the "target speed" option, we have added another absolutely meaningful function! The speed of the boat can be set during the autopilot run [in%] in the main menu. In addition, the speed in the Target area (Taget Zone) can now also be adjusted when approaching the selected spot.

eg ... drive with [80%] autopilotspeed to the spot, in the circle of [20m] the boat should drive [40%] speed ... The boat now drives with the set speed to the spot, 20 meters before it reduces the speed to 40% and thus drives slowly to the spot

 so easy and helpful! goto Settings -> Engines and other settings in the tab "Misc" activate the Targetzone Speed control and set the desired radius / speed.

 Depth radar in main control view!

if no radar distance modul is attached to your Boat, the Distancegraph can now also be switched to depth display!

This way the current depth underneath the Boat is showed into the Main Menu of the App - even without running Raymarine App!

Excl. for RT4 with Raymarine Echo + autopilot V3! 
 Points quick selection + radius search

The most recently saved spots are now displayed in blue in the Manuelview for quick access. By simply clicking the last spots the RT4 automaticly drives to the selected Spots immediately - with just 2 clicks! 

For the points and routes, a filter option has been added. For Example [5KM] will only show the points and routes that are within 5 kilometers. Now much better overview!

 Autopilot V3 Appupdate! // may 2018:

 Autopilot V3 Appupdate! Mai 2018
   Now even more accurate GPS control with new PID AutoDrive!

Autotrim: Fully automatic Jet- Motor calibration while driving!
- perfect straight-ahead driving with brushless and lownoise motors at all speeds
Trackassistent: to stay on direct course - even with one-sided pull (drive out of the rig) or load, the RT4 remains on course!
- No manual engine trim and Compass calibration needed!
Optimized Control Pad: driving the boat manually with the Tablet now even better - now same control behavior as with normal remote controls!
- the latest Carplounge Autopilot V3 app: now available for our customers for free upgrade in the Playstore & preinstalled on all RT4 autopilot sets that are shipped now!


 No Internetconnection needed.
You do not need any internet connection to run the Autopilot System. You can preload the Google earth Maps if needed from at home - or connect the Tablet to your Smartphone to full atomatic outdoor download.

The Carplounge Autopilot App is fully translated in both German and English. The following screenshots show both languages mixed.

Manual driving / Saving spots

In the Manual tab you can steer the boat like you would with a normal remote control. You can also control actions like opening the Hopperdoors and adjusting the Lights by pressing the appropriate buttons. While steering manually you are able to save specific spots in order to reach them again at a later point. Simply click on “save current location” and name the spot if desired.

Home spot: By clicking on the blue house symbol you have the possibility to save the current location as your home spot or to automatically steer to your home spot. This function is very convenient if you steer the boat manually and want to automatically return home quickly after unloading the bait.

Automatically steer straight ahead: By clicking on the blue arrow in the manual tab your boat can steer straight ahead automatically. Simply point your boat in the desired direction and click on the arrow. 

Ultrasonic distance control: If you decided to buy the radar distance alert the current distance to an obstacle is displayed graphically and in centimeters. Using the Auto-Stop function you can adjust the distance that will trigger the automatic hold of the boat.

Points Overview

In the Points tab you can see and edit/delete all saved spots. The saved spots are automatically displayed on the map after clicking on them. In addition you can sort the spots by perimeter and date. For example you can enter 10km around your boat and it will show all spots that are within the range of 10km. 

If you click on Add manually you can add points manually if you received any from friends or other GPS devices for example. Simply enter the longitude and latitude

 Add Route:

Change to the Routes tab. By clicking “add new route” you can add a new route. The route can be comprised of points (saved spots) and actions by simply clicking on the respective buttons. Single entries can be moved up- or downwards in order and deleted.

 Select Route:

All saved routes are sorted by date. With a simple click the selected route is displayed on the map. This will make it easier to find and select the correct route. By clicking on “Start route” the Autopilot view will automatically show up.

 Start Route:

After clicking on the blue arrow the boat will automatically follow the selected route. The distance to the next waypoint will be displayed in meters. The list of waypoints will be followed from top to bottom and all passed waypoints will be highlighted in green. Using the blue square the current route can be paused or cancelled.

 Updates: Through automatic software updates via the Google Play store we can add further feature requests, changes and extensions easily and for quick updating. You do not have to send the Autopilot or the boat back to us. The Autopilot App will be automatically updates as is usual with smartphones/tablets nowadays.

Other then new software we also have a special bootloader which enables us to also update the transmitter box and the boat. This way they are always up to date and you don’t have to send the boat back to us.



 App control with a tablet

Intuitive steering and function control 
Configurable sensitivity 
Manual steering via touchscreen in order to save spots
App displays live status of battery power of the main and backup battery of the boat, battery of the transmitter box and distance to the home spot of the selected destination

 Modern PID based navigation

continually offset with GPS data in order to show real heading
Complex algorithms
Pathfinding directly to the waypoint. 
Self-regulated if one side is under higher strain


Specifying spots by approaching or manual entry of geo coordinates 
Ability to save home spot
Ability to automatically steer straight ahead 
Instead of manual steering the boat can be directed in a certain direction and it steers straight ahead automatically
Ability to automatically steer to saved waypoints/spots
Actions and saved spots are freely combinable
Create unlimited routes 
The position of the boat and the current heading can be displayed on the map and are continuously updated. (Compass function)
Possiblilty to use brushless motors; integrated Delta (V-) mixer   


 Sesonsystems (transmitter on the boat)

9 - 15 fully functional PWM connectors
3 digital sensor inputs for connecting different sensors 
6 PWM for connection remote controls 
   (supports Modellcraft, Futaba, Graupner Mx12 remote control)
2 measurement lines for different boat batteries (6v- 20V)
1 power line (6v- 20V)
1 connector for ultrasonic distance alert (optional)


Intergrated 12V 6600mAh LiIon battery with charging port and charger for up to 18 hours of runtime
Integrated directional antenna for distances of up to 500 meters 
Socket for external battery (6-20) i.e. 12V lead or 4S Lipo/LiIon
Switchable   power supply for internal or external battery
Super fast USB 3.0 socket for charging USB devices up to 5A!
4 time LED display (low power warning/red, power/blue, Send and receive)
Buzzer for acoustical warning in case of low battery
Voltage level freely selectable
Bluetooth connection between transmitter box and table for up to 15m
Secure, bi-directional 2.4 Ghz connection to the boat for up to 500m range
Europe-wide approved wirless-connection

 Ultrasonic Autostop (optional)

Optional ultrasonic sensor
Autostop if obstacles are reached 
Graphical display

  Technical details

Self-calibrating tilt-compensated compass
Stable redundant checksum-based wireless data connection
Unique identification and binding of the boat
Up to 125 boats can be used in parallel
Magnetic sensors and accelerometer for precise steering