Carplounge RT4 Autopilot GPS explanation in english with Dennis and Seb in France

Carplounge RT4 Autopilot Baitboat with Elite5x HDI Futterboot Autoroute driving


 App control with a tablet
Intuitive steering and function control 
Configurable sensitivity 
Manual steering via touchscreen in order to save spots
App displays live status of battery power of the main and backup battery of the boat, battery of the transmitter box and distance  to the home spot of the selected destination

 Modern PID based navigation
Continually offset with GPS data in order to show real heading
Complex algorithms
Pathfinding directly to the waypoint. 
Self-regulated if one side is under higher strain

Specifying spots by approaching or manual entry of geo coordinates 
Ability to save home spot
Ability to automatically steer straight ahead 
Instead of manual steering the boat can be directed in a certain direction and it steers straight ahead automatically
Ability to automatically steer to saved waypoints/spots
Actions and saved spots are freely combinable
Create unlimited routes 
The position of the boat and the current heading can be displayed on the map and are continuously updated. (Compass function)
Possiblilty to use brushless motors; integrated Delta (V-) mixer   


 Sesonsystems (transmitter on the boat)
9 - 15 fully functional PWM connectors
3 digital sensor inputs for connecting different sensors 
6 PWM for connection remote controls 
(supports Modellcraft, Futaba, Graupner Mx12 remote control)
2 measurement lines for different boat batteries (6v- 20V)
1 power line (6v- 20V)
1 connector for ultrasonic distance alert (optional)

Intergrated 12V 6600mAh LiIon battery with charging port and charger for up to 18 hours runtime
Integrated directional antenna for distances of up to 500 meters 
Socket for external battery (6-20) i.e. 12V lead or 4S Lipo/LiIon
Switchable   power supply for internal or external battery
Super fast USB 3.0 socket for charging USB devices up to 5A!
4 time LED display (low power warning/red, power/blue, Send and receive)
Buzzer for acoustical warning in case of low battery
Voltage level freely selectable
Bluetooth connection between transmitter box and table for up to 15m
Secure, bi-directional 2.4 Ghz connection to the boat for up to 500m range
Europe-wide approved wirless-connection

 Ultrasonic Autostop (optional)
Optional ultrasonic sensor
Autostop if obstacles are reached 
graphical display

  Technical details
Self-calibrating tilt-compensated compass
Stable redundant checksum-based wireless data connection
Unique identification and binding of the boat
Magnetic sensors and accelerometer for precise steering

Prototype Video:

carplounge RT4 Autopilot prototype Baitboat GPS worlds first GPS Autoroute für Futterboot