Detailed description RT4

 Double jet propulsion
Because of the world's only double jet drive and the Carplounge magnet system we completely avoided accident-sensitive mechanical components in the construction of our RT4 bait boats. Our double jet drive enables a top speed, precise steering and plenty of traction.

Specially angled lamellas serve as an effective weed protection while enabling driving and steering backwards without the use of movable mechanics and servo motors, as it would be the case with (Kehrers)-jet drives. Because of the double-jet-drive, the boat is able to rotate on the spot and offers the best possible straight ahead running in comparison to other drive systems.  The impellers, stators, and the removable suction cap are made of high-impact GFK reinforced PA6


For the standard RT4 bait boat we chose a economical but powerful industrial jet engine of a German brand manufacturers that makes the boat one of the fastest and most powerful bait boat on the market.

Stealth engine: For a premium of 49€ we equip the boat with an extra silent „no-noise“ brushed engine. This engine is 20% faster as the standart Motors and prevents any type of noise coming from the engine or the ESC (ElectronicSpeedControl) . This makes them also suitable for small waters or lakes where bait boats are not welcome or even prohibited.

If you like it even faster, you can now alternatively choose Graupner brush-less engine. Together with the Graupner company, we have found a perfect solution for the RT4 after countless tests of various brushless motors and speed controls. These engines are well known in the professional model building industry and are perfectly matched to our 14,8V Li-Ions and are actively air-cooled. Together with the matching Graupner brushless speed controllers the boat accelerates at an enormous speed,  which especially adds reliability and benefits when used on very large lakes and rivers. Despite the slightly higher power consumption, the RT4 thereby achieved the same travel distance.

All components for the drive were tuned to maximize route with one battery pack. It is even possible to straighten the line on large distances before dropping your rig.

 Li-Ion batteries and running time
Since March 2014 for our RT4 only modern Li-Ion batteries are used, which provide a low weight and long running times due to their high power density. This is why the boat could be reduced to a weight of 4 -5KG depending on equipment (including batteries!)
Unlike other manufacturers, we use 4 Cell (4S) batteries with 14.8 V instead of 7.4 V or 11.1 V. Because of the higher voltage 4S Li-Ion's at the same loading level consume far less power and, in conjunction with the double jet drive, they have the world's longest battery lifetime..

Supplied with 2 Li-Ion batteries with each 6600mah, one for connecting as main battery, one as a backup battery. With a total of 13.2Ah / 195.4Wh the boat drives up to 11 KM range with a Set of Battery.

The batteries can be recharged in as little as 2-3 hours on 220 volt with the quick-charge function of the included digital Robbe Li-Ion charger or connect the AC charger into the adapter to the car battery which included free of charge.. 

 Hull / Body
The hull of the bait boat RT4 was created in CAD and produced in Germany and was coordinated with the help of shipbuilding engineers to perfect it's driving characteristics associated with a double jet drive. The hull is made from 5mm fiberglass reinforced ABS and screwed together cleanly, so the boat can be easily  retrofitted with a GPS system for example.

For a short time, we offer you the carbon coating with boat paint sealing valued at € 100, at no extra charge. In comparison to the normal ABS, the body is even more solid, much more scratch-resistant, and it's high-gloss finish provides significantly improved gliding qualities in the water because of its coating. Furthermore, the boat paint sealing offers the advantage that scratches can be polished out

Through the trimaran form (3 floats) the RT4 bait boat offers the best possible floating position and stability in the water. As the boat is relatively wide and not very high, it has a perfectly balanced center of gravity. The compact dimensions of the RT4 is 65 * 41 * 22cm (L * W * H). There is a large brushed aluminum carrying handle mounted in the middle of the boat ,which is advantageous for lowering the boat into channels for example.

 The batteries are located in a separate compartment under the battery cover in the middle float chamber, so the batteries do not fly around easily within the hull and are better protected. An easily accessible car fuse in the battery compartment protects the on-board electronics from surge damage. 

 Feed Hatches
The boat was designed for a total capacity of 5 liters ( 2.5 liters per side). With the huge hatches of 32cm length and 8cm width a tilt of your Baits is completely excluded . Even tennis ball-sized feeding balls or death -bait rigs can be extended easily. 

The two feed hatches can be opened by remote control independently of each other and are each held by a magnetic pin that drags in quietly. The feeding hatches are simply closed by hand. A complicated procedure of opening the pin to close the hatches by remote control like it would be necessary with a servo controlled plastic splint is not needed – this makes loading the boat significantly simplified. 

 Release couplings
For separate deployment of the assembly, we offer optional release couplings for the RT2. This way  you can decide whether you want to have one or two or no clutches mounted. Of course, a subsequent upgrade no problem. Unlike our competitors we  are the only company with our own patented Magnetic splint system for the release couplings. This proven system eliminates to 100% the jamming malfunctions - in contrast to the otherwise conventional servo controlled couplings. 

 Dimmable LED lighting
Another highlight of the RT4 bait boat are the 2 macrolon-LED-spotlights. There are 2 white position LED's as well as an additional total of 26 white Power LED's that can be switched on separately via the remote control. The brightness of the 4 LED's in the front position, together with the LED's on the side that confirm opening of the hatches and the releasing of the rigs and the two rear red LED's can all be dimmed infinitely.

For the RT4 we have developed the variable-dimming-system: Via remote control the brightness of the LED's on the boat can be adjusted infinitely to the desired brightness. So you can adapt the lights perfectly to the lighting conditions. All LED's are super bright and easy to see even at the greatest distances. With the help of the 26 power LED's and the calculated light scattering, shorelines can be illuminated at night much better then by the light cone of normal headlights. Another important highlight of the RT4 feed boat is blue illuminated digital voltmeter. So you always have the rest of the total voltage of the boat in view. 

 Backup System
A very popular backup system is standard installation in the RT4. In addition to the main battery a "reserve" backup battery is included, which can be connected in parallel with the main battery. Once the voltage of the main battery draws to an end, the LED's flash at regular intervals on the boat. Now you are able to switched to the backup battery via the remote control. Once the backup system is activated and the boat is using the power of the backup battery, it is confirmed by orange LED lights and the RT4 can reach an additional 3 - 8 km distance. In the meantime, the main battery can be removed from the boat and be recharged via e.g. on the car. 

For the RT4 as ON / OFF switch we use our blue-illuminated stainless steel switch that has proven its robust construction for more than 5 years in our wireless fish finders and bait boats.

2.4GHz Remote
Standard remote control FCX-6 Pro:
The digital FCX-6 Pro Tel has become handier and more ergonomic. Due to the more effective voltage conversion, it reduce the number of AA-batteries needed from 8 to 4. It now uses the advanced AFHDS2A protocol which has many advantages like lower error rates and an increased range.

Graupner MX12:
We can now offer the Graupner MX12 to all customers that already use a Graupner receiver or accessories. Since the MX12 cannot be used on the water without an extra external antenna, we do not recommend using it when long range reception is important to you.

Futaba T6K:
Futaba is a world-wide leader for long range remote controls. Thanks to the FFHSS protocol, Futaba offers the best high noise immunity out of all 2.4 GHz systems which can be used on the water.

Recommendations from our technicians: For bait boats with or without a sonar (i.e. Lowrance or Toslon TF500) the standard remote control is enough. The manufacturer specifies the possible distance at 500 meters. In case of nearby high frequency noise sources like high-voltage poles or a strong WiFi signal, we recommend the Futaba T6K. We also recommend the T6K if you require multiple radio links or are planning on expanding your system with a camera or Autopilot at a later point in time.

 State of the art BUS-steering system
Normally a central control unit is used in bait boots, to which all the electronics are connected to components, such as LED's, with separate lines. Since the incorporation of this control can be very time consuming and error prone due to the many solder joints, we as the first manufacturer have also set new standards in bait boat construction
If you look at modern vehicles, it is observed that nowadays only (CAN-) BUS systems are used to reduce the number of cables x 10. Using a bus-system all the electronic components are not centrally connected to a control unit, but starting from a central control only a 3-core cable (+/- control signal) is transferred to the individual components, such as LED's and pull magnets are connected to a bus board. Via the control signal each BUS gets digital signals from the central control, such as how much power the connected component should be delivered and for how long. Advantages of SMD equipped bus system are the fast clear and reliable installation of the electronics. The disadvantages lie in the more than twice as high costs compared to a normal controller that pay for their reliability however. Our Carplounge BUS system has already been installed in more than 2,000 RT boats and optimized for absolute reliability for years. With the unique control our RT3 and RT4 bait boats count to the most advanced bait boats in the world.

Fail-Free / Fail-Safe System 
If the boat gets out of the reach of the remote control, the fail-safe system kicks in. The boat will not just continue driving straight ahead like other boats, but it turns itself off until it can be controlled by the remote control.

For our RT4 bait boat, we provide the statutory warranty of two years. We also offer an optional warranty extension up to 3 years. Naturally, we guarantee even after the warranty period the availability of spare parts and a fast and cost effective service. 

 Mobility Guarantee!
Since we do not just promise reliability, we are the only bait boat manufacturer that offers a mobility guarantee for all RT4 are ordered now. If something does not work and it is likely that the problem is not resolved within 8 days, we will provide immediately and of course a free replacement boat available! You always stay mobile!

Carrying Case
For safe transportation of the RT4 bait boat and its accessories, we offer a high quality, thick-padded bag. The interior of the bag, and the bottom are made of waterproof easy to clean material. In the side pouches there is enough space for all the accessories such as remote control, batteries, and the sonar screen space. The agony of choice - our radio echo sounders and GPS systems